Testo O Haleakala

Testo O Haleakala

I was calling out your name
Before I knew from where you came
A spirit big
A spirit strong
I could hear that spirit song

O Haleakala
My mana grand mama
You say open up and live
Let that sweet love come in

Ocean bottom
Mountain sky
I and I and I and I
I go forth into the heart
Aloha spirit through the dark

O Haleakala
My mana grand mama
You say open up and live
You learn more the more you give

Brother said I Mua And so I go forth
Mountains in the water sing songs of when we were children
The land speaks
You were always children
And you shall continue like stars
And so it is
Sit in the Earth and hear Her wisdom
She spoke through water and swaying trees
We went around Her
Cows in the pasture
We drove towards the sun
I Mua brother said
I heard it again
Do you believe in the dreaming
If not your days will be dark
The ‘aina calls to the one I once was
A song line returns
And I am happy
Thank you Great Spirit
Thank you again

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