Testo Kabir II

Testo Kabir II

Is it one or two
He and she and you
Does it make it three
Tell me how can we be free
Family tree has got its roots in the sky
And a broken bird can fly
Turned around and the river drains the sea
Eventually a poor man is crowned king
Mute man sings
All lost in the lion's mane
Repeating holy names
Guns fire flowers and alligators will speak
You better check your roof it's got a leak
Your strength is weak
All of them say
Don't you fall asleep
Once you are awake
Oh for heaven's sake
A fire burns the ocean and statues are in motion
Can anyone understand what I say

Turned around
The arrow strikes the hunter Strikes him down

Kabir says what you understand is who you are
If you cling to the world then your death ain't far
The magic is false
The magician is true
It's clear to the wise
Is it coming clear to you
That all things will fade just like leaves fall away
On those October days blooming once again in May
The Swan shall go alone
Yes the Swan shall go alone
Looking on the world as a fair
The Swan shall go alone
So take a holy name and your suffering will seem like a hoof print in clay
That's what Kabir say
A fire burns the ocean
Statues are in motion
Can anyone understand what I say

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