Testo Time Will Tell

Testo Time Will Tell

It's a rare occasion
When your plans and expectations
Come down just exactly how you planned them.

Hey, life's just that way.

You better face the facts, sweet lady,
Things change from day to day,
It all depends upon the situation,
Who can say, any way?

Time will tell,
Oh, and we'll both know so very well,
Time will tell.

So just be patient
Until you reach the realization
You can't have joy without a little sadness, too,
That's just the way it is, hey,

And girl, I believe we're gonna make it,
But not without our share of ups and downs,
You can't expect life to be a total paradise,But if we just stay together, girl, it will be so nice.

Time will tell,
Oh, and then we'll both know so very well,
Time will tell, oh, baby.

(Time will tell)

Oh, oh, darlin', take a little time out,
And I'm sure that you will see, ah,
You just keep on holdin' on, oh, girl,
You gon' be able to make it with me,
Oh, oh, baby,
I need you,
I want you, girl,
I've got to have you, ah,
Give me a little time,
Just wait on me,
Oh, girl,
There's no tellin' how happy we gon' be,
Oh, oh, oh, o

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