Testo Abbey Road

Testo Abbey Road

Runnin' down Abbey Road, don't stop the ocean.
I need to feel a tidal wave.
So close, so close, to a family way, to a family way.
Don't stop bringing her around, see how tough I can be,
When you're making me smile sweetly.
Don't keep bringing her around... I need to see,
See the changing of the leaves of the guard,
Of your guitar as it's leaving.

Runnin' down Abbey Road in those shoes,
It's colder than Bermuda, colder than my days in the sugar cane.
Johnny man be as quick as you can.
I said, "Johnny man, we know you like Hayley Mills."
Like those boys are singing still,
"Catch me if you can, oh, catch me if you can,"
Be my sugar cane... man...

Runnin' down Abbey Road.
I know I thought we'd almost be in the family way.
I guess not today. I guess not today.

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