Testo That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)

Testo That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)

Cheese an' onion sandwiches an' Derby chinaware.
Fiddles an' jigs an' Wogie, my dog, Aunty Vi havin' a swear.
Takin' my Dad for a pint or two, a Sunday morning stroll.
Licorice pipes and baggy suits, Glen Hoddle scorin' a goal.
Catchin' a pike an' ridin' my bike, old wooden wheels an' a bowl of eels.
Yes, that's what I like, boy. That's what I like.

Pie an' mash in liquor, walking about in the rain.
William books, comical looks, pianos, tram and trains.
Coals an' Cockels an' thunderstorms, plays on the wireless now.
Grandfather clocks, an' Coke and Brandy.
Fountain pens and Beano and Dandy.
A-that's what I like. I said, hey, that's what I like...

Little pubs out in the country, Mother Pearl an' Barnet Fair.
The sound of banjo, barbershop singing and havin' a kip in the chair.
Burnt toast, a beer from the wood, an' old Jerry Thomas' teeth.
Jerry an' Chet an' Cannon an' Ball, a banjo picking Bill Keith.
An' old bungalows, wood burnin' stoves,
And Shirley McLain and Petticoat a-Lane.
That's what I like. Said, that's what I like... yes, boy. Yes, that's just oh...

Bubble an' Squeak an' jumble sales, Little Richard and Jerry Lee.
Bonfire night an' Southend nights, paddle in the sea, Polished brass an' copper.
Salvation Army bands, violins an' old coach inns.
Colored elastic bands, tea in the mornin' an' Winter beginnin'.
An' fishin' rods and frogs an' spurs and winning years-
That's what I like. Hey... that's what I like.

A day at the races, off in the bases, goin' down hoppin' in Kent.
A new pair of braces, little kids' faces sleepin' under the tent.
An' wagons, chickens an' pickin' blackberries,
An' swallows an' sledges an' Devon an' cherries,
An' haddock an' trotters an' horses an' nippers,
An' cider an' celery an' banjo an' kippers-
Yeah, that's what I like, boy. That's what I like.

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