Testo Catch A Fire

Testo Catch A Fire

Sunday morning I woke up dying
Hope it will go away with time
No it's not that easy
Then I tried to run away and hide behind the stars
But think that I'll never be there
I know how to make things right but every time I get fucked up
It's so pathetic
But I still can see a blue sky over me
And I'm alive

I wanna know I wanna feel
This time I'm into something real
You smile I leave the blues behind
Don't wanna fight don't wanna win
As I catch fire once again
I wish I could just stop the time

Monday morning was quite the same
Except I knew the reason why
I felt broken
I found it hard to make my day
Because of sick feeling inside
It's beyond me And I've got something left to share but no one seems to give a fuck
Well I don't care too
But I understand It's all right in the end
And it all fades

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