Testo Fenris

Testo Fenris

Fenris... your nightshade falls over this frozen waste
Bloodred eyes like deep oceans of eternal night
Like mirrors of thy soulless hate and endless sin
This sign is for the night to unfurl and our swords to be wet

An angel in black, his mooncold eyes enchant my soul
Riding a wind with whirlwinds of fire blazing through the sky
The ravens cry, they've gathered this night to praise their king
And the wolves revel in the blood of the blessed ones child

Blacksoul... nightshade
A plaguewinter of death unfurls
And from the north comes the plague
So the winter was brought forth this night
A holocaust had seen its dawn

I laugh as I raise my sword and behold the war
A vision of chaos riding on death's black wings
At last all servants of light were weeping in blood
For seen was the king who shall rule for all time

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