Testo You And No Other

Testo You And No Other

This is the end.
And I can't pretend that Im okay-
I'm not okay.
I cant even remember when you slithered away and left me with this emptiness.
So bring back what you said we once had-
'Cause I'd pay to see a preacher like you lie.
And you know I keep everything locked underground-
Safe and sound.
In this body you call on me for.
I keep everything locked underground, safe and sound.

(My god!)
We are worlds apart-
And these grey hairs I've grown
Have been nursed by the number of times I've tried to think of why
This will never change.

3 a.m.
I toss and turn in my bed, trying to shed this skin that I am buried in.
I can't even remember why I tried to tread, tried to fight against the
Tide another time.
Oh I'd pay to see a martyr like you die.
We were given the wax to burn so bright-
But our love, our light, was smothered by the hands of spite.

And I always knew that it would end like this-
I always knew we were destined to die from the start.
I always knew that it would end like this

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