Testo The Messiah

Testo The Messiah

Sometimes, I get all I need
Yeah all I need
Turn around and wait for something
To pass me by
Forget where I been
Forget where I have been
Drift away, end up somewhere
I disappear

And you, you keep a sword by your side
Carry a sword by your side
But its only going to hurt you
So I'll pass by
And I dont ask why
Yeah dont ask me why
Close my eyes, teleport me

Yeah I'd like to believe every word you say
Every word that you say
But every answer needs another question
That I guess I don't know what I need
Yeah, what I need But thats fine I dont mind anymore
I'll fall away

Because I don't have time for love
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

La La La La La Laaaaaa La

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