Testo Serpent As Time Reveals

Testo Serpent As Time Reveals

The ability to spread agony
A sick craft you truly master
The enduring thirst for power and dominion
Poison, obsessional voracity
Dangerous strength to the perverted insane
Unleash hell to enhance pathetic egotism

You sick fuck who creates his own reality
Inviolable, attendant of the key
Intruder with backward ideals
Serpent as time reveals

Hate caused by lies, infected human mind
Violence will rise from repression
Atrocities and fratricide, systematic homicide
Breeding ground for terror pain

The heart stands still when the thunder is roaming
Inferno, the dragon's breath released a sea of fire
Mud soaked with blood, insanity breaks out
Images and cries which will never leave your mind

Torn life to pieces Madness erupts upon the world
Turn eden into a wasteland

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