Testo Insurance Fraud #2

Testo Insurance Fraud #2

bag full of oily rags, fifty cent lighter
dreams of retirement in Cancun burning ever brighter
there's a lot of ways to make money in this world
but i can't recommend insurance fraud.

burned out shell of a Volkswagen,
blood stains on the driveway,
torn up Mercedes, by the side of the highway
big plans, big plans
let me tell you something sister,
you will never get away with it.

you were sitting in the recliner with the TV on,
when you said something evil and then you were gone,
explosives in the water main,
a blown fuse
college graduation photograph
splashed all over the six o'clock news
i won't be cashing in your policy,
'til i find out what it is you're trying to do to me

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