Testo The Count

Testo The Count

Be good to me as you once were when you pulled me from the brink of death
My enemies were frenzied for a taste of my flesh
And now I've got the same feeling again
The beasts are closing in their teeth are dripping with rattlesnake poison

So I will run into Your open arms I've got nowhere else to go

I don't want to live like this anymore
Trading truth for the simple things
I don't want to live like this anymore
Will You give me the will to sing out
When I'm filled with the darkest of doubt
When I'm down for the count

Protect me from mutiny
From those who miscarried your baby
From those who miscarried the truth
So they could selfishly do whatever they thought was pleasing
Protect me from insincerity
From between their teeth it's practically oozing
Their eyes are hollow and blind they're always wasting my time
And it's time that I'm losing

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