Testo Spotlighting

Testo Spotlighting

Hey hey hey! Take it away!

Verse 1 - Josh Martinez
Didn't know better debt is old let em know
that i got to get ahead before i'm old...
I been a dope fiend, sold dope so mean
So close to the edge of hope
Everybody loves a comeback some acts
Hit the crapper and never come back
But chicha-ro-nies are like pizza parties
You know that we never come wack…

Chorus 1
The spotlight's on it's on again.
It goes on, put on my threads and get prepared to rip
(E I O)
The Chicharones are the shit. (U A)

So if you don't know then now you know.
There's a place I know where people go just to get
their fix. (E I O)
Where the Chi Chi's are the shit.. (U A Y) Chi Chis are the shit.

Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got,
whatcha got, whatcha got I got to get it now

Verse 2 - Sleep
I'm a good man, bad boy, automated rap deploy-er ,
part time employer, headliner, show opener
Brainstorm weather vein, eardrum medicine,
catch the feeling while you can, let me take you away!

Chorus 2 - Horn Riff

Verse 3 - Sleep
I'm just an old man, dated rapper, accidental baby
daddy, day dreamer to this day. (eh eh eh)
I'm a nice guy, heart breaker, part time hard worker,
but my work is more like play. (eh Eh)
I've been around the world, round the block, ran around
round the clock found a girl around the way. (eh eh EH)
I'm a go-getter goldmine, show setter punchline
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/c/chicharones-lyrics/spotlighting-lyrics.html]
specialist when I...when I...when I take it away

Chorus 3
Life is just a party, you can go meet anybody
Don't ever let nobody stop you,
from reachin the top and grabbing the spotlight.
Take it Away!

Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got,
whatcha got, whatcha got I got to get it now

Verse 4 - Josh Martinez
I'm a good man bad man shoot em up with a bad man,
Can you feel the heat? Lick a shot with a cap gun
Been a skuzzbucket, hug a buzz, sluggin it back.
Punchbuggy! no punch back!

Verse 5 - Josh Martinez
Middle class moms, caught me doing drugs
making out with their daughters on the couch in the rec
We would watch a movie, sipping on a mickey
She would my dickey...jeans, I mean.
And then things would get sticky. Wwhat's a little
Between friends It depends on when and who ends it…
get back to bumping on the back of the breeze
and pull back the brrrrap so you can actually eat...

Verse 6 - Sleep
Now I lead off, the beats hard we keep the party
with speech erupting, we bring peace and loving
to each one of you. what would you have me do nothing?
We summon the power to crush it rapping tackling
It had to go public eventually
hence it will be me winning in this mental arena.
Sleep the missing link to what you need between the

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