Testo Bankers Bonanza

Testo Bankers Bonanza

Verse 1 - Sleep
Twas the night before the bailout and all through the
not a banker was stirring they were sleeping so well
the stocks were thrown around by wall street with care
in hopes that opportunity soon would be there

The ceo's were nestled all snug in their beds
while visions of foreign women stripping danced in
their heads
Now mom cries in a handkerchief what pops built
and there's no home to settle in from a long winter's

when it all came crashing there arose such a clatter
politicians pointed fingers to who caused this matter
Away with your bank roll it flew away with a flash
tore open the nation's stomach and threw up on the flag

There needs to be more breast on the new fall show
offer distraction to these mindless creatures below
When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a national debt pulled by 11 trillion reindeer

With little old drivers so greedy and sick
and the banks started acting like they were St. Nick
More rapid than eagles the interest it came
and a lot of people couldn't afford to play in this

Now Cassano, Now Paulson, Now W, and Clinton
On Greenspan, On Madolf, On consumers and big business
To the top of the world to the top of the wall
Throw your cash away cash away cash away all

Its off we go, to double your dough,
to get your golden ticket, we can get you filthy rich
and you deserve, whatever you dream!
We can turn that want into a need indeed
You give, We take, You buy the pie, We eat the cake
We get the spoils, You lick the plate!...and these are
the banks!
(Banks Banks Banks.)

Verse 2 - JM
Banks don't back money, government does
So when banks go down, they rush on government buzz.
Well connected criminals Loot big bank
See me down at goldman sachs trying to shoot big hank

Paulson, the treasury in Washington
printing out money nobody knows the costs and
Condoleeza Rice opportunity in crisis
chevron oil tanker namesake piracy

Mired in a quagmire gigitty gigitty. Ha!
You cannot keep feeding it Thinking of making it stop!
Look across the landscape and all you see is
Money for nothing and your checks for free

Cuz Can't cook goose til the foie gras Fattens
When jp morgan swallows chase manhattan
then eats bear stearns like the old robber barons
What nobody knows Has nobody caring

The govs got the big banks back (and so it goes.)
But where is all the help for the regular JOES?
Why you who the onus is on are getting bonuses,
Your Hampton hedges fully fund homelessness

Where's help with houses and the reworking of loans
Wheres the sense in letting people lose they homes
In times of crisis there ARE kings and kings fall (cell
door cls)
LET EM ROT in prison with their crimson windfall

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