Testo Tonight We Drink

Testo Tonight We Drink

friday night, plans where made
same old place, meet at eight
failed before, try again
we're all waiting for a change
we sit down, shoot the breeze
randomness, nothing deep
part of me about to leave
but there's no hope on empty streets

stay 'til morning comes along
but if that something better comes
we'll be gone before you can even blink

party starts a little late
reluctantly participate
something good might come our way
we're all waiting for a change
go all in, order drinks
knock them down, forget to think
keep on trying 'til we win
and never come back here again

stay 'til morning comes along 'til that something better comes
i'll be here partying on the brink
we're all waiting for a change
one day it'll come our way
and we'll be gone before you can even blink

tonight we drink
yeah tonight we drink
let the poison sink
oh let the poison sink

yeah tonight we drink
(all night party on the brink)
yeah tonight we drink
(knock them down, forget to think)

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