Testo The Pale King

Testo The Pale King

I was awakened by the howling of the dog
Or perhaps a wolf
Summoned by the voices who are shouting in my ear
The pale king comes from afar

Before the time
Who will decide
I live to see one thousand moons
I am weak
I am ill
I am old with the taste for the kill
All that I've seen in the years that I possess
Faces I don't recognize
Summoning the ancients with the evil that awaits
Read from the book of the dead

Zone of the gods
Below the sea
I've traveled amongst the stars
I am life
I am death
I control the gates of this world
The pale king's reign condemns this world
Doing time til the end of their lives

Traveling throughout this world
Fallen from the skies
Taken from the prophecy
As they control your mind

The pale king holds your fate

One hundred thousand years and counting
One hundred million more to go
Throughout his life he keeps on searching
The pale king makes this world his own

And the seals of some of these are writ herein
Yet others I must take with me
The spirit and daemon no longer known
Anu have mercy on my soul

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