Testo Hedonistic Salvation Front

Testo Hedonistic Salvation Front

we are the children of the sun,
we don't believe in nothing and no one,
but we know, they ripped us off once more,
there's nothing left for us, that's for sure

hedonistic salvation front
religion's back again
hedonistic salvation frontv give your life some sense, my friend

we don't need fundamentalism
we just want love and hedonism,
and we want to live just like the rich,
we don't wanna to look into an empty fridge

hedonistic salvation front...

proud & horny with self esteem,
love without limits is our dream,
follow your lust, exchange your fluids
fucking for freedom and peace , c'mon let's do it!

hedonistic salvation front...
we want the same as
the rich and famous
shitloads of cash
we don't wanna be second or third class

hedonistic salvation front
theology for you and me
hedonistic salvation front
the only thing we really need
your faith in it will set you free

and now take off spiked wristbands
and feel the love

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