Testo Cathedrals

Testo Cathedrals

my god is unbeatable
my god is unreachable
Your god is so insignificant
and now it's time for some special treatment

torture, ban and collision
fatwa, curse, inquisition
bombings and oil and powerplay
the next crusade is on it's way

turn cathedrals into dovecots for seagulls,
turn all methodists into porn-book publicists
transform all vestries into backeries for pastry,

missiles for annihilation
the clash of civilizations,
i don't join in, rather stay at home,
and heal my hangover syndrome

like a lazy pagan i stay in bed all day
and have sex with my fiance
two lost souls making out all day
god and satan, fuck yourselves i say
turn cathedrals into dovecots for seagulls,
turn the priests into gay-movie-sex-beasts

turn cathedrals into dovecots for seagulls,
transform the pope into a pusherman for dope,
turn all islamists into neo-dadaists

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