Testo I'm Not A Saint

Testo I'm Not A Saint

I'm not perfect [x2]
(I'm not a saint, oh my lord)
That ain't right [x4]

Animosity surround me
And it's all because I found me
How deceptive can the clown be
Enough to leave frowns upon the face of those who found me
So much evil in my mind state
Many think that they can define Yates
But cannot tame the wicked primate
Who preach his sinful thoughts and lead the listeners on blind faith

I didn't mean to hurt a soul here
But my inner demon has no fear
Of making choices that'll make you pour tears
Black transparent flies show me that the soul's near
I see 'em then they disappear quickly
Cause this be some other shadows signaling the sickly?
Forgive me
Good people, I gotta let them know before they pick me

[Hook:] I tell them
(I'm not a saint) No. (oh my lord)
I'm crying out
(Oh my Lord!)
I'm crying out.
(Oh my Lord!)
That ain't right! [x4]

Brian Dennis was in love with her
I exchanged kisses and hugs with her
I never should've but I dugged in her
Never say no names but her thang was that she loved pictures
Another nigga told my nigga
His reply to me was "Why nigga?"
I learned my vices, they divide niggas
Had a chance to say I'm sorry and then he died

So hurt that I couldn't stand
Meanwhile my dark blob expands
And touching my loved ones dissolving their helping hands
My heart loves
My brain takes
They never know they steppin' with a [?] date
I put a gun to my insane face
That way your loving hearts I can't break


Black transparent flies again
Could be spots on your eyes my friend
I thought that the love was gonna win
But now I see that I'm stuck in here to see the evil rise again
My brain is so gung-ho
This all started when I was young though
This thing I won't keep running from so:
I got molested by my seven-grade teacher Mrs. [?]

That ain't right! [x4]


Damn... To the people who love me, I apologize for me back then.
I was intoxicated, I was on drugs, now there's a new me.
Now let's turn up.

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