Testo Brightfall

Testo Brightfall

I prayed that the light in me to not only be held inside of me, but free the wrong with the right in me
Because the demon I was they won't confide in me!

I come from a religious background being raised a Christian of Barker Temple Church of God & Christ
Also studying Islam from 12 to 17 after my Christian Mother married a Muslim!
Mom loved that I rapped she wanted me to do it for Christ
But the worldly me began when I ran away from home at 17 & no matter how much better of a person I became
The worldly things I did would catch up with me & try to pull me right back down!

I come from it, but it seems impossible to run from it!
All the evil I did to people then none could stomach?
No cause when my spirits go up now every one plummets
I can light all, with this angel but that demon will make the brightfall
When your angle is to reason with those who night crawl
Psycho searchin so they get even with a life you lost and was leavin
But it might be costin this season when the fight calls!
People change their life of sin
Then try to negate the back they aimed the knife within
A shame, I can with the game and be nice to friends then bang
My revenge it came to wipe this grin then pain
Fight your demons id advise it, its there no matter how you try to hide it
In private you're running from the people that despise it
Don't you lie and deny this sick hybrid Angel demon ain't no leavin either one
Can't take it back where you got this evil from
This magnitude the angel will need a gun!
So much evil I saw, in the past i was bad now I'm right yall
But the evil remains to make the brightfall!

God knows I'm trying
It seems like I'm always fighting for my life
For my soul
This won't bring me down!

All I want is heaven but the evil forces they follow me
Plottin on my body to attempt to torch it or hollow me
I cannot let the depths of hell to rise up & swallow me
I'm tryna make it where the other angels & God'll be
This is terrible fightin the past me is unbearable
Never really mattered if my symbols & outfit were clerical
Judging today for past demons make me hysterical
Darkness is blinding take me back in the city of Jericho
Darkness will not win my heart is really not grim
But the chances of me becoming pure angel has got slim
I'm stuck and I'm blocked in
Brightness the plots been wanna frolic in God
I'm lookin for solace but it got dim
How can I detach from the past heinous acts
Will I last
Will they attack with a blast?
When the night calls, it's gonna be a nice brawl
For the darkness to come and make my brightfall!
Ooh Awws

Get it out! Spit it out! Evil in ya mix
Rid it out! Don't ever wanna see, what that pit about
We just stomp, we just thump, we just grit it out
I'm fighting for a bright life, but evil wanna consume me
And my soul is the right price!
That would literally be a fright night
But I ain't sellin' my soul to hell
Angels yellin' propellin' flight heights
Wanna spread those angel wings
But they have wicked entangled things
Like steaming hot tar with the stench of brimstone
Knee in God's yard
Can I repent the sin gone?
Did that done that then the evil comes back
Runnin' from myself it seems it ain't no runnin' from that!
Just when you wanna start anew
They judge you on what you used to be
Thus makin' it harder too!
But I refuse to lose
Even if I gotta be banged and bruised
Why do we have to battle
Just to go the bright route
Oh well I'm bout to beat this hell until it's lights out

Alive and I'm well, did I win in hell?
The fight just to save my soul!
Cause time and time again
When I crawl to the light I land in sin
Now my sins so far away
That darkness will never find me!
Hideous hideous grotesque grotesque

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