Testo K.O.D.

Testo K.O.D.

(feat. Mackenzie O'Guin)

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Wanna live in my world you have to have a Tech tat
Preferably the number N9ne and you gotta get it where the back of you neck's at
Gotta let me know that you rep that, plus get you out of a death trap
You need it for living cause I'm the king
And I'm giving you the permission to get with a no stress pack
That was ordos at chlorum acuse the old world orders
Post mortem disfailure inhaling cell and delta
Watched it swell and swelter till there was no male in shelter
Yes I'm the one that provided ya shell in Hell and held ya
When your politicians were welters
So I built this structure just to help ya
So the communists can come and quell ya
They call me the King of Darkness when I offer you no pain
Why would they label me heartless when your love is my cocaine
And your soul is my rogaine I have a thirst to know your brain
When you enter my domain gotta take this number for your name
But you don't have to drink cyanide I'm gonna be right by ya side
If we gotta take that riot ride on the enemy adn defy your side
Fight for the place we're building for the preroduction of more children Trying to get that number back around 6 billion I'm gonna rule until then
Founded this colony like a pilgrim
Anybody try to penetrate this section or threaten we KILL THEM

[Hook x2: Mackenzie O'Guin]
What if?
K. O. D. O. K. O. D. O.
What if, he is, what he says he is?
The King Of Darkness!
K. O. D. O. K. O. D. O.

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Xes lliw eb yrotadnam yliad ylthgin
This, women need to be living by it
Stay fit n way driven paste it and dye it
I am the king killer captain crazed frigging pilot
Giving you these khaki pants and white shirt, that's what you wear on my Earth
Eliminating your eye thirst to have any kind of desires
To envy material or admire, my way will extract any type of divider
I'm offering this wider
Understanding of life and tiredly blissfully vading friction and fire, cha
The number N9ne will get you food, even get you tools
To build anything your family choose, but within my rules
All white shoes with red strings for all my crews
That let's me know you Tech's people listening inside my pews
All your dreams and aspirations
This is the affirmation
That you can reach 'em and my world is not a disaster waiting
The ruses and lacerations no chooses of aggravation
I'm just try'na rehab a nation from exasperation
It's not an exaggeration, I'm something more than your blood and gore
On a level higher than devils or that of Satan


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
What I did "Anghellic" I was good and bad, straight confused
Then an angel turned to Devil Boy when the Reperation blew
Them demons had "Absolute Power" when I drug abused
So the angels searched through the "Vintage Tech" what they found was the love was through
Then an accident would happen that made life necessary
So now receiving God, the angel was 'Everready'
But the Melancholy strikes, the eleven angels mommy's life
So the Mizery sat in the angels now becoming ice
As mom got I'll and iller, when it hurts her he can feel her
To the strain of the pain made of bane there's no more angels straight up KILLER!
My apologies, it's not very God of me
To go crazy and try to teach the whole world 'Sickology'
I was then split in two, back to the beginning view
Angel demon cause the killer showed me death was overdue
But I gotta live for my kids, all the eveil stuff I did
Taught me to teach you, you can love then no matter how much sluts you did
Or dug, you met my demon back when I had that grudge
But I gotta let you know most of my spirit comes from up above
I'm mostly angel, and you know sometimes we fall
Living under God and I hope he's listening when I say I love you all!

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