Testo Seven Words

Testo Seven Words

(feat. Krizz Kaliko, Skatterman)

Welcome to the sextion, where it's all about sex
If horny is what you're looking for
Well this is the place
The sextion

Now, for your listenting pleasure, this is
Tech N9ne, Skatterman, and Kirzz Kaliko
Seven words

How many words?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

It's seven words I wanna say to you
Love it when you suck my dick
Its the best thing in my world
It's seven words I wanna say to you
Love it when you suck my dick
That's why i'm giving you seven words
[VERSE 1 - Tech N9ne]
You should look at this as a wonderful endeavour
The pleasure...of having a bitch go below the belt for treasure
No pressure, I know you shine I ain't trying to stress ya
Can I undress ya, and get ya to swallow each and every measure

Damn, you put the "whore" in hormones, I might just bust before long
Let's take a pic in your phone, of you taking more and more dome
Do it but dont pinch me, don't chew it when you think me
Get fluid then you sink me, cuz you got to it just like pinky

I really love it when you...
Put the hot water in your mouth
Slurpin and slobberin about
Now it gets hotter in the south

Yup, the water was blazin, it was amazin'
And now my dick is shriveled up like a raisin

You love my leg in thrid, cuz I'm blessed with heaven's curve
And I equal the thrill and rush of havin sex on ex and herb
Never get the lesson blurred, I'd like to rest in her
But not before I issue baby doll my seven words


[VERSE 2 - Skatterman]
For the sake of argument, lets say we call her "o girl"
She had the type of lips to make this street nigga's toes curl
It's her world, all I do is kick back, just sit back,
She let my zipper down and pulled the head out and licked that (she licked that)

Sometimes I had to fight to get my dick back,
But baby moved to Minnesota, swear to god I miss that
The way she used to grab and smack herself all in the face with it,
Lookin at me dead in my eyes while she be tastin' it (tastin' it)

She used to say "daddy you wastin' it" (wastin' it)
I used to say "baby I'm facin' it"
But fuck the hot water shit, she used that crushed ice (crushed ice)
If she suck your dick once she make your nut twice (nut twice)
She was just that good, I could sell her for a stack to my boys in the hood
So if you got you one of these, keep them fakin bitches to the curb
Leave this on her voicemail, all you need is seven words

[Krizz Kaliko]
Now as she sucks my soul, I lick her funky emotions
Piercin all the way into her mind so I can feel what she's thinkin
(feel me? I know you do)
We're getting closer and closer, eruption is imminent, climax is closin in on us
If you don't get your hands on me soon, I might disappear
Cuz what I been waiting on, the best thing you ever heard,
The one, two, three, four, five, six; seven words


[Tech N9ne + Girl]
[Tech]-"mm,mm...you know what I want you to do, right?"
[Girl]-"Yeah, I know what you want me to do..."
[Tech]-"What's up?"
[Girl]-"Do you want it with hot water?"
[Tech]-"What's that??"
[Girl]-"You mean to tell me freaky ass Tech N9ne never had it with no hot water?"
[Tech]-"No...Show me..."
[Girl]-"Hold up a second"
[Tech]-"What the fuck?"
[Girl]-"And then you do it like that"
[Tech]-"Ok go ahead...(gasp) shit, fuck, that's wonderful!"
[Girl]-"That's what I thought"

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