Testo Strangeulation, Vol. II - Cypher IV

Testo Strangeulation, Vol. II - Cypher IV

So you know you got to go when Tech N9ne give you this track
So I call on Krizz, Rittz and Prozak, let's go!

(Here we go again! Haha! Hey Tech, watch this!)
Kali baby, I guess I'm back at it again
Lemme laugh at 'em again
Cause they know I write the back out of a pen
Holy moly get going nobody hold 'em is what they told em
And poda-be motor yodeling sick-and ain't gettin over it
Sick at the lip and watch 'em clown, look at 'em clown, clown
Loving to tickle 'em I be licking 'em down give 'em the crown
Look at the ground when you approaching the regal Beagle
And people don't be equal and when they (or saying) it's fecal
Betta (give it up), put 'em in the blender
Surrender it like you (had enough)
Never no-contender pretending like to (ready-to-buck)
Ninja turtle dinner to a splinter, I don't (give a fuck)
Ah-ha, (it goes up)
Killin nigga's like the coppers
And rappers on my thing-a-ma-bobber
Come to chopping I'm the home of the whopper
Your girly bopping I don't think I can stop her
So dope that it made her wanna gimme a slobber (They remember you) when you stop and you pop
(Every syllable) Bow down to a nigga that's (better than you)
And he thinking he can just come an just speak at him really rude
Ah-ha, eat the nigga food
I'll knock the stuffing out ya muffin, fucking knucklehead
Never did it wrong cause you singing the song all in your head
Lead off, I beat the beat up and go
Run a nigga feet off and chew 'em like a piece of pilaf
Shitting on niggas an leave the seat off, then re-tweet off
Social media this to beat off to
Damn, they think we lost cause when we get off a look at themselves saying we awful
Cause it's more than bread that we wanting
Me and Nina keeping 'em jumping
And we won't stop till we get to the top
You in the way then we Midwest chop ya!

Should've never to do right in school, I just choose to cruise by
The principal told me I'ma lose, the dude's right
All I did as a kid was shoot dice, I'm too white
Cause I'm excused, my future never was too bright
But who would've knew I'd be lucky enough to get a record deal And pursue my musical tube site not once, but two times
I murder shit, a repeat offender with the biggest independent, salute N9ne
Now watch it, I'mma take this rapper shit to a new height
Too tight like Drake's spike, jacking my crew like
A pack of wild wolves, tryna howl at the moonlight
If you wanna come at us, God bless, gesundheit
You a pussy, you might lose a fight with a bull dyke
And I already give you a few strikes, a few of mine
Kinda swole with this nigga's face basically a bull's eye
And you like (ooh ah)
And I ain't quitting 'till I got a good amount of bull sitting bull-side
I'm chilling sipping Crown out a coke bag
I say what I'm thinking, never been known to hold back
I'm pimpin' steadily, putting holes in Prozak
Blow got me looking like my nose's in snow cap
Under the scopes, steady getting groped and poked at
And those that oppose that wanna do-si-do
Per rope-a-dope and get your K-O with toe tag
At five ten you can see my fro from rows back
Fake friends hanging on my coast below Tech
Hate the term 'no homo' but I'm sick
Of bending over, getting fucked full of dope I don't have
Oh snap, forgot it was a chopper song
This is what you wanted here, I guess I better do it
Study how I executed therapeautic, don't compare me
Some of these rappers got a bigger pussy than the Octomom
And yo, ya-uh-yeah!

Thinkin' about takin' it to another level
I'm from another realm like an angel falling from heaven
(I fell) To the Earth, the purpose of resurrection
I'm coming through your speakers like demonic possession
(And hell's bells) Don't be afraid of mythology
Deep inside my brain is a wicked psychology
Ancient revelation intertwine with technology
Alien biology, you know that I gotta be (Strange!)
Damn right, and I'm proud to be
Biggest independent label, check the biography
We taking over the industry without an apology
Burning all the bridges, tell me who wanna follow me
I'm sick with the sickness and spit with the quickness, so vicious with every bar
So best to be leaving me lonely, psychotic and mentally scarred
And I don't really wanna be the one to tell you but I will if you don't get up out now
Our strangers are angels, and able to seal the game, you lames better bow down
You need to recognize a miracle inside the lyrical, we're killing all these shows now
Started from the bottom, now we got the people showing up in line and upping every time
Thinking of doing another planet and stratosphere
Circle like a satellite on top of this atmosphere
Snake and bat the symbol of the future, don't interfere
You don't really wanna be the one we make disappear
And this flow is hypnotic, these class A narcotics, you pop up the bottle
Prescribed by psychologists, go for psychotic shit
Prozak and Kaliko, Rittz (Midwest Chopper shit)

Baby, you up?
Yeah, let's do it

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