Testo Searching

Testo Searching

The questions multiply
But I can't see the signs
I search for these signs every day
When time stands still
I've had my fill
And I'd be lying if I said I'm not afraid
This is my faith
I can relate
And this belief has set me free, I'm sworn to try
But why the fear
Why are we here
I guess we'll find those answers when it's our time

Searching for answers in life
Desperate solutions we try

To understand
I hope I can
I think we are down here to learn
From our mistakes
It's what it takes
I wish I had some coaching in this game of life
Now I realize That I've been taught
That's what I reflect when distraught
So how willing
I am to fight
For this will tell my afterlife

Sometimes life will get the best of me
But all I've learned it can set me free
A lesson learned can bring pain at times
It comes with the territory I realize

Just when I think, just when I think
Just when I think I know the truth
I come to realize, come to realize
Come to realize I have no clue

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