Testo Feelin' You (Part II)

Testo Feelin' You (Part II)

(feat. N.O.R.E.)

What Type Of Games Are Being Played
How's It Going Down
This Shorty Put A Smile On Your Face, Not A Frown
I'll Take You Uptown
And Show You Around The Compound
If You Want It, I Got It
I'm Ready To Get Down [Ready To Get Get Down]
And Ain't Things Changed But My Drawers And Socks
I'm Getting Doors Kicked In
Havin' Wars With Cops
I Still Sustain
Maintain The Same Ol' G
It's The Solange Remix, N.O.R.E

There Is This Guy That I'm Diggin'
What I've Been Lookin' For
Don't Know Where To Begin
We've Been Talkin'
But Not Enough But When We Do Talk The Things That He Says I Do Love
When I See Him, And We Talk
There Is This Vibe Between Us, I Don't Wanna Stop
So Original And So Deep
This Guy Is Just Like Me

[Chorus: Solange]
Hey, Uh, Let's Try Something
Let's Try To Be Together
Wrong Choice Of Words
I Just Want Time Together
Who Knows?
We Could Really Like Each Other
Give Me A Chance
I'll Change Your Mind Forever
You Need Someone
Like Me To Help You To
Clear Your Mind
And That's What I Will Do
Cause Baby Boo
Who'd Never Knew
That I'd End Up Really Feeling You

He Told Me I Was Beautiful
But What If He Tells That To Every Girl He Talks To
'cause I'm Not The Only
But Actually Wish That I Could Be
He's What I've Been Lookin' For
Like No Other Guy That I Know
Because He Is, Is So Right
I Swear I Think About Him From Morning To Night Oh From Morning To Night

[Chorus: Solange]

I'm Only 25, But See I'm Feeling Like I'm 30
I'm So Hard In The Streets
Got My Fingernails Dirty
I'm A Veteran, Sell Medicine
To Pay The Con Edison
Shorty, Love Of My Life, And Better Than
Love Her When I'm Down And Out, Oh
Even Love Her When I'm Wild And Out, Oh
Yeah, She Don't Belong From The Block That I Be On
And When A Brothers Stressed, She's The Shoulder That I Lean

He's Got This Hypnotizing Smile
That Makes Me Stop And Realize He's Good Looking
But That Is Not What Attracted Me, Tacted Me
So Fabulously Matched Me To Him
It Was His Style And Persona
How He Does What He Does
His Whole Walk
How He Talks Is True
So Maybe We Should
And We Could
Put All Things Aside
Spend Some Time
Cause I'm Feeling You

[Chorus: Solange]

There Is This Guy That I'm Diggin'
(That I'd End Up Really Feeling You)

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