Testo If I Die, Will You Die?

Testo If I Die, Will You Die?

Sidney and Nancy,
Do you remember them?
Punk and addicted until their tragic end,
Heroin was their enemy and friend,
What we never heard was Nancy asking Sid

If I die, will you die?
Come on, let's make a deal,
If I check out tonight,
Will you follow still?

What say Sidney,
Let's make a lovers pact,
If I go first, will you cover up my tracks?
Don't dare chicken out, Sid, promise me that,
Once we descend, there is no turning back.

If I die, will you die?...

What say Sidney?
Come on, please say yes,
Let's put our punk love to one last sick test.
If I die will you die? [x7]

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