Testo Lonely Christmas

Testo Lonely Christmas

The snow is falling down.
the temperature is dropping.
The lights light up the town
and everyone is Christmas shopping.
But I'm lost in the crowd,
oh why can't I remember
the reason I'm so down
and why this happens to me every cold December?

It's a feeling that I just can't dismiss
I'm gonna spend a lonely Christmas,
sitting here and staring back at my TV.
A Miracle On 34rth Street
on the all-night TV repeat,
just Bob Hope and Santa Claus and me.

Those conversations I can't stand
Cause I know what they're gonna say,
"Tell us all your Christmas plans."
When they know I'll be home for the holidays...

So why can't they mind their own business?
I'm gonna spend a lonely Christmas sitting in my living room.
For all they know I might have family,
friends and neighbors, Christmas cards and wrapping paper
trimmings on the tree and mistletoe.

But they can't hurt me anymore
if I won't share their Christmas spirit.
They won't hang holly at my door,
They won't sing carols, won't come knocking,
won't come near it.

So why can't they mind their own business?
I'm gonna spend a lonely Christmas
Sitting in my living room but that's ok.
I don't need no one else, I got my
microwave and a turkey pot-pie...
just another lonely Christmas day
just another lonely Christmas day
whoa oh oh oh oh oh
just another lonely Christmas day, hey hey hey

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