Testo Nobody Likes Me

Testo Nobody Likes Me

Another day, another webpage
I'm trapped inside this cyber ratcage
I need on to check my mail
Who needs friends when you got AOL

I'm a jerk I'm a loser I'm fag I'm an asshole
Rooty poo poo candy ass super lame-O
Don't you see, Don't you see nobody likes me

Nobody likes me, Real girls think i'm lame
I'm not afraid to say... It's friday night, I'm going online
Gonna find a girl and make her all mine
She can be fat and she can be ugly
I don't really care cuz i'm feeling kinda lonely

My name is josh, listen to my band
I'm 14 and I'm your biggest fan
So you know it, we went out on a date
I got arrested for statutory rape

It's friday night and I'm gonna get some booty
Ya wanna cyber? Ya wanna meet?

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