Testo Home

Testo Home

I sit here staring at the wall
asking why I set myself to fall
and I think to myself
is this my life

We lie, we cheat, we steal, we climb
we beg, we fall, we hope, we die
I think -- we're doing it wrong
doing it wrong

I stand outside
and watch the world fly and pass me by
it's nice to look and learn but never to experience
the pain, the guilt, the fear, the hate
the pride, the shame, of stupid mistakes
We're doing it wrong

I push away my past
what am I hiding from
can't open up myself
to the people that I love
In my final days...
I wanna look back and know that I tried the best that I can -- So I can move On
To another Disease and I do believe
that time is on my side -- and I've had fun

I'll never think -- that I'm alone
When I hear you -- I feel at home
Will somebody help me, hear me,
I'm screaming over here

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