Testo Hallowed Point

Testo Hallowed Point

[SLAYER - 1990 - "Seasons In The Abyss"]
[Music: Hanneman & King / Lyrics: Araya & Hanneman]

High velocity bullet at close range
Can damage the mind
Shattering the skull shredding the brain
Severing the spine
Bury a round of lead in the chest
It's quite an impression
Imagine the innards of your soul
The infliction

Instinctive regression
With intent to kill
No regard of human life
Or the blood spilled

[Solo: Hanneman]

Riddled convulsions
Confetti of flesh Scattered helplessly
Losing your control of physical facilities

Release the slide to cleanse inside
Prepare to anoint
Snap the tongue in groove discharged
To make my hallowed point


The power of a gun
Used with conviction
Dispersed on excursions
Randomly kills its victims

My sweet revenge
Bitter in depression
The thrilling release
Of a hated deep persuasion

[Solo: King]

The power of a gun
Used with conviction
Diffused compulsions
Unending repercussions

Violent emotion
Screaming revolution
Spasm(at)ic convulsions
Death an empty gun

[Solo: Hanneman, King]

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