Testo Little Johnny Jewel

Testo Little Johnny Jewel

My little Johnny Jewel
Oh, he's so cool
He had no decision
He's just trying to tell a vision

Well, some thought this is sad
And others thought it was mad
They're just scratching the surface
JJ on to the other kids

Was he on display?
No, no, not today
And all that guy ever said
He said, "I want my little wing-head"

He'd be half asleep at night
Over his head the sensation of flight
And he'd wake up dreaming

Dreaming, dreaming
Dreaming, dreaming

And he'd run down to the airport The rush, the roar
And he'd crouch down behind the fence
With a chest full of lights

And then he'd lose his senses
He'd lose his senses
He'd lose his senses

My little Johnny Jewel
Oh, he's so cool
But if you see him looking lost
You ain't gonna come on so fast

Ah, but you know that he's paid
You know that he's paid the price
All you gotta do for that guy
Is wink your eye

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