Testo Pointing Bone

Testo Pointing Bone

From the fury pit, a reek of misery
like a trumpet groan, tornado moan
the splendor splits like a golden skin
he and the wizards cry like hummingbirds
in treasure glows, your weeping wings
and a slaughter grins, on a pleasure spike

when held on high by the riverside
like a torn-throat child
in a jackals hide
cool water dies, vile diamond eyes
silent in flamingo ease
distant in troubled trance
within a whirlpool, we're breaking our backs
the tears of the moon
the sweat of the sun
sacraficial hearts for a pointing bone

with a gorgons head and a coal of skulls
they're kindling fires in open wounds
pointing bone
in a jaguar skin, blood matted mane
beacons blaze toward a waning moon

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