Testo The Usual

Testo The Usual

Footsteps through the back door
I can hear them, righ
This is not for everyone
But you asked for it.
Flows like a golden story
I can feel the burn
You kill me with your words
Cuz I asked for it

I don't deserve the blame, We had to walk that
The roads that we rode down, we slow down for noone
But you asked for it
I wanna feel the pain
Our hearts intoxicated
Our minds frustrated
Storm like a hurricane

All we do is go up, going up go down
Pull around, this is us, the usual.
Wanderlust, running blind
Time is never on our side, the natural.
When dark becomes light
The broken will rise That's the usual
Up, up, going up, go down
Pull around, this is us, the usual

Voices in the hallway
Some whispers fill the rooms
Come to stay with me and you
Cuz we asked for it.

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