Testo A Piece Of Advice

Testo A Piece Of Advice

If I can give a woman one piece of advice in relationships, what would I giver her? Don't be naive, what do I mean by naive. I mean when you feel something, don't look, you don't need confirmation, because the confirmation is the feeling. A lot of people feel something like, "oh he must be doing something, oh let me go through his phone". If you have the feeling to go through his phone, that's enough confirmation. Just don't be hiding

There is a lotta shit that you ignored

But I was in love

But you always ignore it
I didn't ignore it, I was in love. So I didn't get it, I didn't understand it, I didn't even see it because I was in love

Yes you did!

What I'm tryna say is that it's not for a reason. It's not because you don't do something or you wasn't cooking, it wasn't because you lacked anything. It's simply because the option, the opportunity was there and he could take it

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