Testo Far From Home

Testo Far From Home

[The Captain:]
The sea is deep and blue
No shallow waters are in sight
And hearts should be so light
North winds sing
Tell us of an unknown coast
We've gone southernmost to glorify the king
We have raised his coat of arms
Wherever we have landed
Our dreams of foreign shores were flying high
Now, a victim of democracy am I

No one has ever sailed so far from home
The one who wishes to go on is me alone
Turning back feels like I'd leave a child behind
Oh fate be kind

We passed a raving storm
That left us all in mortal fear
So why are we still here?
Don't you see
Don't you see this tempting chance Reaching India and other lands by sea

[The Crew's Choir:]
So distant
Behind them
Doom is waiting
Two more days
We will sail
If this fails
We'll be turning

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