Testo Persepolis

Testo Persepolis

Flutes and pipes / Play a drunken rhyme
Entertaining / The soldiers in the palace

Naked bodies / Female slaves from Asia
Dance with promise / For a night of pleasure

Mouths smell wine / The feast is going wild
Victorious and glorious / The men exalt their king
As in a fevered dream / Thais is entering
And she provokes him / To do a special deed

"You have conquered / The capital of orient
Display your power / And make your enemies weep
Destroy their pride / The jewel of the desert
As they once destroyed / Our temples for their king"

"Burn this city to the ground
Take a torch and spread the fire"

Persepolis / Now a pile of dust
A blackened carcass / A land of ash

Persepolis / You lost your crown Persepolis / Burned to the ground

Consumed by hate / Ablaze by pride
Persepolis / Naked as the sand

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