Testo Dark Art

Testo Dark Art

"Life begins and ends with a breath.
The art of sound is an art in darkness, unseen, yet real as the wind."

Blessed be the night, the architect of all creation.
Her wings are wide and strong and black.
She is bleeding light. Stars form a congregation
She is the force, our soul and fire.
Blind lead the blind.
Another day
The sun is lost.
Nocturnal cities
Secrets lie buried in the sand.

To craft the dark art we used our soul.
Emotions bleed, but we stay strong.

Disciples of the Dark Art.

To craft the dark art, we used our soul.
Emotions bleed, but we stay strong
Darkness binds the world!
Save me!
Another day
The sun is lost
Save me, strong wind.
Strong and bitter and cold and old

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