Testo Astoria

Testo Astoria

Sat in a pool of self confidence
It's evaporating quick, just let me sink
Just let it sink in, just let it sink in
Can't you see that I am trying?
I am trying not to spend another year so sad
Or wondering who I am

Instead of wasting away you could've wasted time with me,
I asked you to sink or swim and you chose to drown in apathy
And honestly
You're just so fake

I never knew what I'd have to go through the past three sixty five days
Spent under the weight of getting over this
And I'm starting to feel new
In truth I'd rather be broken and used

I can't help myself

If you catch me warming the bench again on cold November nights alone
You should know
I'll step to the plate if you picked up the phone
I thought I told you to go home before you're locked out with only Street lights for company, company

The winter seems longer than ever, the longer the better
Snowfall's the only thing I have left to get lost in
I'm learning to weather the storm in your words
Even if I capsize I'll drift to the shoreline

The movies always romanticise these sleepless nights
But the plot line to my life has been killing me
And I'm starting to feel new
In truth I'd rather be broken and used

I've seen enough five AM's
To never want to get out of bed again.

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