Testo Sin City

Testo Sin City

Let me take you for a walk
Around the corner, we can have a talk
Inside the sauna, try and not get caught in Sin City

Then we go and eat some cake
And watch the animals sit and vibrating
To the music going bad to great in Sin city
I wanna feel it // Let me receive it
Baby I need it now

Dancing with the leather boys
They take a moment to go out and enjoy
The naughty pleasure, no time to be coy in Sin City

That's more then I needed // You better believe it
Don't wanna leave it now

Show me what have you got in your pocket
Can I have a little bit and swap it
For a cheeky midnight kiss in Sin City

I'm out of control // My body and soul Is spinning around // I don't wanna drown

Each day and each night
We pray for the light
When will it end?
I need a friend

Let me take you back to bed
I wanna hit you till the night is dead
End it with a little head in Sin City

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