Testo Vandal (Hostile Youth)

Testo Vandal (Hostile Youth)

Every step that you take, you feel frustration
Creeping up your spine into your brain
Not just a fucking fool from a backward school
"No fascist bastard is gonna stab my back".

Defy - don't accept their lies
Stay alive - with state assistance to survive
As the days go by aggression eats your pride
as your hatred for the system grows inside your mind.
Standing on the corner, not even shit for a meal got fuck all to do.
Glaring hard with resent at the college boys
You laugh but you know they've got the last laugh on you.

Rage, got to escape this cage,
Rage, Time to let your choice be heard

Another personality is tearing away inside
Demanding that you strike out against the world-
that couldn't give a damn if you lived or died you feel like suicide
So let your stormclouds explode drowning judge - and jury

Vandal, got to stand proud Show them you are a master
Your anger and fury grows stronger, faster and faster
Vandal, won't take the ridicule,
I may be poor but no-one's gonna treat me like a fool

No more lies, Defiance growing by the hour
Eye to Eye, Double glazed you stare with the power
To paralyze, the fear within their bloodstream
Tension's high. Hate's at boiling point.
You must destroy, obliterate, terminate,
It's never too fucking late.

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