Testo Murder In A Motel

Testo Murder In A Motel

They used to play there when they were kids
You hid right here as I counted 10
We walked right down to the liquor store
Went around back and unlocked the door
Then we set he place on fire,
And laughed until we were tired, oh - no more

He'll never sing
Or be able dream
He'll never laugh
Or fall in love
He'll never see the summer again

I read the story in the paper
Not CNN, but the local review
I can imagine the scene of the crime
But I wish I couldn't.
I can imagine his dying eyes.
But I shouldn't.

The headlines read "murder in motel"
Of story painted well
Foremast shadows and empty souls so hollow, brothers sleeping, dreaming sound.
They only has each other in that small town.


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