Testo Crazy Babylon

Testo Crazy Babylon

It makes me crazy Babylon
Cause I'm just a zion man
That fucking astrologic sign is lion man
Walking, walking and a strange way
Just hearing what is heart is fucking saying
Too much trouble to feel one way
Too much bad vibes to feel yre
So my mix up comes from my roots
It comes from my village where everyone's walking with boots Yeah!

So I got to find a solution man
In order to resolve my Babylon's headake man
I used this burning faya to feel higher
And then my destiny made me become a music player
Listen, listen to this reggae
Listen to this groovy vibra
It's coming the bottom of one's heart
Don't you see from Babylon's sound it's standing apart

Cause we are crying on our rights
Thinking bad things growes grey
In bad spirits and harder they come
So come to this stage of comprehension
And begin to work for your everyday mission
We all got in us true vibrations
That can together make a new revolution!

We are as soldier
But we are just music players

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