Testo S.I.N.

Testo S.I.N.

A psycho driver twisted in my head
Silence broken but there's nothing said
I gotta got a nightmare from a fantasy
Will the voices ever set me free?

I can hear'em
I can hear'em
Someone wake me when it's over
I can see'em
I can see'em
I can see'em over and over again

I saw it happening like d¨¦ja-vu
They tried to tell me but they couldn't get through
In my head I hear the voices scream
I need someone to tell me what it means

Whoa-Who turned off the lights?
Whoa-A shadow in the night
Whoa-It wasn't meant to be
I can't take this alone
Don't leave me on my own tonight
Oh no, I can't take it alone Don't leave me on my own tonight

Shattered dreams lay next to broken glass
I wonder if tonight will be my last
I need an angel who can rescue me
To save me from my mental symphony

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