Testo Punk Rock Star

Testo Punk Rock Star

Monday morning, broken bottles of glass. Wake up in a mess.
Takes a minute, realize my pants on and I have to work.
Whiskey, Donuts, maybe a T-Shirt on and I hit the day!
Driving down the freeway in my limousine. It'll be okay.
I am one of these so unstable guys, job is too hard, but all the money is nice.
And I carry on: To make Punk Rock every night!

Nanana... I was born to be a Punk - Rock Star.
Drinkin' stinkin' drivin' a big car.
And it's gonna be all right.

The next day I have to be in L.A.. Make a video.
Have to do a fight with Rocky Stallone. It won't be all right.
Punk-Rock business is dangerous sometimes
and you have to survive Hip-Hop times
But I'll carry on: To make Punk-Rock every night!


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