Testo Tarzan

Testo Tarzan

When he was a little kid, many years ago
He flew with a proper to holiday you know
But suddenly the engine of the plane broke down
And unfortunately the plane was crashing down

He survived as only one but home was very far
He was in the jungle now somewhere in Africa
Some monkeys were upbringing him there was hope again
And after many years he became a mighty man

Tarzan - I'm in necessity
Tarzan - Oh please rescue me
Tarzan - King of the junglewood
Tarzan - fighter of the good

While living in the jungle, he got a lot of friends
Lions, monkeys, parrots, natives and big grey elephants
He built up his own empire, needed nothing more
So he lived day in, day out had nothing to deplore

Then one day he saw something, he's never seen before
There was a pretty girl, now he wanted more
Jane was her name, Tarzan wanted to get her in his bed They felt in love - now they are watching the sunset

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