Testo Bottle

Testo Bottle

Sometimes it seems nothing goes and everything sucks
Like a bad dream, hey what a fuck
And then I think, there must be something
Stopping me being bored
Suddenly a lightning, there was a thing I've never seen before

It was a bottle small and thin
In which was oil or water in
I opened it and there was power

I grapped the bottle and I took a bit from it
It was a good feeling, but it tasted like fucking shit
Then I said to me "Who Cares?" and I drunk the rest
Suddenly started flying, tell you what, that was the best

I started like a rocket, flew down to Austria
But I couldn't stop, so I came to Gambia
I said "I want to stop - Is there nothing I could do?"
Then I heard a voice from nowhere and it said "No!"

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