Testo Moshus

Testo Moshus

Shit, it sucks a little bit, all the doors are shut
And all I want is quit!
Now the fog is creeping in, there's the first green face
Not of human race
Lips, wet and everywhere, they are sucking from behind
My eyes they want to find

Now I feel the pain, now I see John Wayne
Pushing bullets in, six holes in my skin

The nightmare goes, there is no chance to do one thing
It's going on and on and never will I win this battle, no
Waking up it seemed so easy once to me
Those times are gone for good and never will I see the end of it

Shit, I thought I was awake, but why do I have eight
Arms and two heads more
Now, my friend, it is enough, let me bring it to an end
Trust me I'm not fat

Now I feel the pain, it's my friend again,
Chainsaw starts to run,
All he wants is fun!

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