Testo Metal Inc.

Testo Metal Inc.

Will You fight with us forever ? Yes, we wanna do !!!
You believe that we are better ? Hell, we're sure it's true !!!
Go let's burn some wimps and posers, metal is the law !
Rules of steel are maid forever, you wimps can leave the hall !

Take the six-pack or the milk-shake ! Six-pack, here we are !!!
Leave at twelve or stay forever ! Let's hide behind the bar !!!
Acceleration is salvation, you don't need a brake
leave the parachute behind, man, and the ground will shake !

Friday night, you stay at home, television on
the soaps are cool tonight, you're having lot's of fun !
Buil you're live on solid ground, do not make one sound
in routine you can trust, the world turns much too fast.

For you, but not for me
and never will I see one wasted day in my live
choose your side for good !!!

Acceleration is the law, the force is in the hall !
Will you fight with us forever ? Yes, we wanna do !!!

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