Testo By My Side

Testo By My Side

No one really wants me, cause I look like no one's child
Is there anybody who is surely on my side
Can't you see the real things which are chosen for to see
Who is fit and who is clear to reach this completely

You can't ignore - you may be sure
No one really tries to tell me why I'm afraid
Is there anybody who is able on this world
Can't you hear the voices which are coming from inside
You ignore them, cause you are to pride

Yeah, you ignore me, cause you're to pride
Yeah, I need someone, when there's no light
Just by my side

Can't you feel, what I'm trying to say
Do not join the sad side, which is growing every day
Why aren't you able to do
Better things, which show me what is good and what is true

Someone tells me that I'm going wrong (where are you now)
Someone makes no difference in what I've done
Where are you now Someone makes me feel sometimes so alone
Where are you now
No one's there, who tells me that I am strong

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