Testo Kissing Lips

Testo Kissing Lips

Well I know a guy and he drives me out of my mind
He said he loves that I'm weird, yeah he tells me that all the time
And I don't need nobody telling me it's a lie
Because I got a feeling that he knows how to treat me right

But he turned to me, he held my hand and said

You got kissing lips I'll take you on a trip
I'll make you laugh a bit If you can handle it
Just one hit And I will be in bliss
Take my hand my little miss I wanna kiss your lips

Well I know a guy and he makes me sad all the time
Because when he's not here I can't get him out of my mind
But when he comes around I know everything is alright
So if the boy don't leave I know I will be fine

So come over here boy, take my hand and say

You're not really my type
But you keep me up all night
So if you want me hold me tight
And say yeah
We spoke about this Though I try, though I try
I can't put you aside I figured things out
But you're back in my head and I feel so wrecked

It's hard on me too You think I want to go
But it's not what I chose So I wanted to say
That I still feel the same But we can't live this way

Oh, but the worst part is I need you
Oh, but the worst part is I still love you

I wanted to lie When you asked how I felt
But all I did was melt Now I know what to say
But I'm always too late And I can't find my place

I can't pretend I'm okay
Cause these feelings they won't go away
Please believe me I wish I could stay
But I won't come back here just to leave you… again

And I thought it could work I thought I could fight
And we'd find a way through But I can't stay this time
So I'll leave no goodbyes And send no hellos
We need to give up It's time to let go

Well I've tried to find something that I could believe in
But you can't help fix me

If you pretend you're okay
Maybe all of this guilt goes away
‘Cause there is nothing left I can say
So I won't come back here just to leave you
Again, again

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